Travel is all About Memories and Customer Satisfaction

For travellers, the world is a huge playground, with places that can leave one at awe. Travelling is considered as a rejuvenating pastime, but for many it is life. Whether it’s a road trip, a thrilling bus ride, a royal cruise-liner or you take to the sky, the vast mode of transportations make it very easier for people to reach any part of the world.

Quite recently, a news was highlighted that a long-time client, with more than 600,000 miles reward points decided to quit travelling just because his booking and flying experience got haywire.

Everyone goes through a broken point in travel and booking. In Crystal Travel reviews, you will come across several such problems and grievances that either point out towards the travel company or the airline. For some, it’s while trying to pre-board a flight with a baby, in an overcrowded flight, and suddenly you are pushed back by the attendee or by the curt agent. Later, it was known that the airline has eliminated the practice of taking passengers with smaller kids and favouring these above others.

It’s true that we receive a lot of Crystal Travel Complaints, but it’s more important that these complaints are put in the correct context.

Since few years, several independent rankings have been telling a very logical tale about the pros and cons of the airline industry. There are several airlines that have bagged the 5-star airline, but there are smaller and decent airlines that do not live up to the expectation of the passenger.

It’s a fact that there are ups and downs in a business, even in travel and being a reputed travel company since 30 years, we have dealt with and good and the bad with a mixed Crystal Travel Feedback¬†and have strived to live up to the need to the customer.

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