The Question Stays, Should We Trust Travel Reviews

There is a belief that goes around since years and the question still remains, should we trust travel based reviews or not? Any big name you think of, or come across – Ranker, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Travel Review Centre, they all have the same issue that the feedbacks, posts, comments and reviews can either encourage a client or turn away the product.

It’s sad, due to some negative reviews and non-interaction of the clients or followers, some companies love to review themselves. So, the crucial question is:

  • How can companied stop reviewing themselves?
  • How will competitors stop posting bad reviews about travel companies?
  • To find if the reviewer has had any contact with travel companies
  • Hope it is not an automated post

The reality is, it is quite confusing and difficult to answer these questions with actual facts and figures. This article desires to throw some light and offer points to offer help to the everyday client and traveler. With these points one can put these concerns aside and witness the authenticate travel reviews

There is Power in Numbers:
Go through several reviews from several different customers for a single product, be it flight, hotel or restaurant etc. The reviews and feedbacks might fluctuate. If you see one review that the place/hotel/flight was amazing, will get your eyes raised. See the strength in numbers and you can assume the truth and get an idea of the product.

The History and Name Matter
Some review sites such as TripAdvisor will allow you to see the reviewing history of the reviewer in question. From then onwards, you can often check out trends. Be it an array of negative reviews for a flight or hotel, it will stand out if the true and good reviews from real clients are posted.

Read and Review the content
As it is said, ‘content is King’, there are a few things you need to analyze when considering others reviews. First and foremostly, hotels are reviewed more than any other thing.

Secondly, how is the review built? Are there directions, email addresses or there are lines that mention companies and tours.

Generally, reviews posted by the company do contain rays of hope as to how a customer can get in touch with them. Copy few lines, paste it in google and see what comes up. Finally, take a broad insight on the site.

Customers Choice
Review sites flourish because of choice. More the hotels, flight deals, travel goods, the world really needs and throngs of consumers really need to know the best and favorable product for them.

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