The Duty of Social Media in Treating Consumer Complaints

10390111_780393498667328_5162902722979771725_nIt’s true, that social media has connected people throughout the world and between 2006 and 2016, the utilization of social media has jumped from 10% to 70% for European and British adults. Such a connection has opened doors of communication, which in turn has a massive effect on trade, commerce, and tourism.

Social media platforms have opened doors for the average client to make a thorough research on any product before making a purchase. While making such a research, going through a previous customer review can largely impact the decision to make a purchase.According to a survey, 95% people read online reviews just before visiting a website and make that purchase. Out of the 95%, a bewildering 80% of these people tend to trust theseĀ  travel reviews.

A slight negative comment about the company’s travel product can be fatal. After going through the review, around 75% consumers will reconsider the purchase of a flight ticket, a holiday package or any travel product, whereas good and positive reviews might excite the customer to buy the product.Few after-effects can be seen on Yelp, where one can see a one-star increase will result in 4 to 8 percent increase in the revenue. If a company gets just one review, it will lead to a downfall of 30-50 probable customers. Hence, ignoring online travel reviews is not at all a good idea.

So, how can a travel company save itself from a catastrophe of negative reviews? According to an article that says, we should not ignore social media complaints, 90% of consumers begin their business with an opponent, who is going after a poor customer experience. If a consumer complains about a more popular social media site, the response is expected just in an hour.

The travel business will definitely be beneficial, if the customer complaints can be attended to, attempting to satisfy the customer. The fact is, most companies as well as travel companies that relate and respond to customer service requests, can expect an increase in travel product sales. Gratified consumers will spend up to 50% more with that particular travel company, than other customers who are not being engaged on social media.

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