The Dilemma with Online Consumer Reviews

The Dilemma with Online Consumer ReviewsA lot of people find online reviews irritating and confounding and most of all, awkward. There are some people who just love the product and some just hate it from the bottom of their heart. There are some consumers who possess a love and hate relationship with customer reviews. Especially for travel products and online shopping, people mainly count on the reviews. Be it Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Crystal Travel Reviews or Travel Review Centre, you can find enormous reviews and few suspicious overrated stars and praises.

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The ongoing disbelief about the genuineness of online reviews is quite a challenge for several reviews and shopping companies. People are more and more turning towards the innovative concepts about the problems of online reviews and have begun tools to resolve them in a large scale.

When Yelp came into the picture, it was the first companies to set up a prosperous trademark entirely around online reviews and encourage others to use their concept to get good ranks and laudable customer reviews.

Today, with the growing need of several travel products and relying on the reviews, people do have a nightmare and confusion whether they should go for the product or not. Some reviews can be trusted, some cannot be, due to the fake feedbacks and other exaggerated things that are carried on with the products.

Hence, in conclusion, we can come to the terms that reading a review is not harmful, but what is decided after that is the cream on the top. Do you get discouraged and start to drop the idea of buying the product or book a particular hotel that you craved for? Well, let not the review let you down. Talk to a few people, read other reviews, do some research and then act. Who knows, the review that you read may be fake and you might get an amazing experience after using the product and staying in that hotel.

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