Fake Online Reviews – Disappointing Customers, Degrading the Product

Crystal Travel Reviews

It’s a fact and quite true, that Crystal Travel Reviews and ratings are just to powerful to overlook. But, after we go through a couple of reviews, how do we rate them and what is our verdict for the product? – See more at: http://blog.crystaltravel.co.uk/reviews-and-ratings/fake-online-reviews—disappointing-customers%2c-degrading-the-product#sthash.wF30u7or.dpuf

Crystal Travel Happy Customer

Hi this is review for Crystal Travel, I was in contact with him today, I got a problem, sorted out very soon in my booking, he was really very helpful, a lovely gem name neil, sorted out my problem, he is very lovely very understanding, he is pity extra of it. Thanks Neil and Thanks Crystal Travel you are very Helpful!!

Crystal Travel reviews

Crystal Travel Happy Customer Mr Mike From London


Crystal Travel Reviews : Mrs Mike, London Says “Very polite and helpful. good prompt service, would recommend to others.” Link to the Review: http://ww2.feefo.com/en-gb/reviews/crystal-travel/products/traveling-from-lhr-to-mnl-on-22-jul-16?sku=CTB768589  

Crystal Travel Reviews for Sydney Flights

Hi my name is nick and I would really like to thanks Mr Frank from the crystal travel who provided me very best deal for the flights to Sydney.. Watch more Crystal Travel Reviews