Standing Ovation for the World’s Best Airline 2016

Crystal Travel Reviews for Delhi FlightsAs kids, we were fascinated by planes flying over us. We used to run after them thinking we can outrun them or even catch them. Until one day, it was time to step into the flight and fly away to one of the favourite destination.

We all enjoy the blessings of aviation, not realizing the toil, the pain and the hardwork that goes in maintaining the airline industry. What was considered as the greatest invention by the Wright Brothers, has flourished to an unimaginable height, gaining popularity as well as criticism as you might read on Crystal Travel reviews.

Year after year, airlines have bagged awards and accolades for their outstanding services, on-board experience, in-flight facilities and performance.

So, do you wish to know the best low cost and best services from around the globe? Well, it’s time we introduce you to the top airlines of 2016.

The aviation industry promotes and celebrates excellence in the airline industry and the summit where these airline awards have reached.

Well, this year, 2016 despite several customer unsatisfactory comments we see on Crystal Travel feedback section, Air New Zealand has been honoured for the third year for it’s record-breaking performance, safety and the inspiration of its staff that has made Air New Zealand as a trendsetter.

The airline award website also awarded Air New Zealand as Best Premium Economy Class and Best Economy Class. The comprehensive long haul flight was also awarded two multi-award winning products for economy passengers.

The Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways shook the airline industry with its First Class facilities. Etihad’s inclination towards excellence knows no bounds, but the offerings are quite stunning.

Singapore Airlines won the Best Business Class and this award adds to a string of accolades that the airline had won previously.

The lounges of Qantas continue to be exceptional and the airline won an award for this again as well as for Best Catering and the award for the Best In-flight Entertainment goes to Singapore Airlines.

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