Louder the Complaint; Easier the Travel

Crystal Travel ComplaintsThere are two factual sides to travel – one is the joy that you experience in planning, packing and finally exploring the destination and the other is the risk factor and the problems that are faced by the traveller. In a worst case scenario, few of the things that can happen might include – hotel rooms fail to live up to the standard, tour operators disrupting your plan or even an airline being delayed. So what can one do if such things happen?

Well, when the unfavourable happens, it is quite vital to know where you can make a complaint, especially if the concerned company fails to undertake your problem and provide a soluble solution. You may read through several Crystal Travel reviews online and explore the kinds of complaints and reviews people mention.

Hotel Complaints
It is advised, that before booking your hotel do some research and avoid a crisis. To let our site and service improve more and more, you can mention your Crystal Travel feedbacks, complaints and reviews on TripAdvisor.com, where you can also get to read first-hand reviews from authentic travellers that can alert you and help you in your travel.

Just file in a complaint while you are still at the hotel, as it’s extremely effective to talk it out to someone in person, then call the number after a few days. If you have a problem with the hotel room, just let them see the real thing in a picture of the room.

If the hotel is unable to resolve your complaint, do not forget to follow up by a phone call or an email after you return home. You can read about the grievances about flights, hotels and holiday packages on the Crystal Travel complaints section.

Airline Complaints
It seems that air travellers have a whole lot of complains these days. Hence, we are here to provide the best solutions to every problem, complain and review. It is obvious, that many do not check the airline review and rating before they book any travel product.

But its a good idea, as there are several sites such as TripAdvisor, Feefo and Travel Review Centre that cater to the need of the customer. Several of our privileged customers have gained wisdom and benefited from the Crystal Travel review section.  It is highly recommended that you enter the airline’s phone number into your cell phone, so that you can make a quick call if you face a problem in your trip. For instance, if you bag goes missing, you will not wait till you get home, will you?

Complaints regarding Travel Agent and Tour Operators
Most of the travel agents are legitimate business groups, that are quite helpful when a trip is being planned. However, there are nightmares too, regarding the disappearance of travel agencies with the customers hard-earned money. Hence, we always recommend booking with agents that are based as an important part of an organization.

Car rental Complaints
Just before you rent, get to know the hidden costs that are most likely to get added to your bill and make sure you get to read the terms and conditions carefully.

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