Hilarious Travel Complaints Unmasked

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Crystal Travel Complaints

Hey! I did not get a window seat inside the cabin.
The sea was too rough.
There were some topless women on the beach and my husband kept staring.
These are a few among the many hilarious complaints that customers make during their holidays.

There are extremely weird comments and complaints that people make. One such complaint or even a Crystal Travel Reviews, that became a viral sensation, was about a female tourist, who said, that the sea was too noisy, hence cruise cabins should be sound-proof as it offers sound sleep.

Some even complain about the pool water not being warm enough for swimming, some complain about the hotel bed not being comfortable enough, while others complain on various other things such as food, airline, travel agents to name a few.

Travel Agents are Misleading
If you somehow feel you were misled by any travel agent, or have a complaint about your company you are booking, or have booked with, you can follow these simple steps:

Make a complaint to your agent, if you have anything to say, make a Crystal Travel complaint or write to the agent directly. Suppose the travel agent acts on behalf of another person or even a part, just follow the appropriate complaint procedure.

In case, you need a compensation from a tour operator, it might be difficult and you have to be determined. If you think you can be persistent enough, simply carry on using the company’s formal procedure for complaint.

Use the ABTA Tag
Suppose the tour agency is a member of ABTA, you can make a complaint or even give Crystal Travel feedback, using their online complaint hub. To find out if the tour company is a member of the Travel Association, find the ABTA logo either on the booking documents or the name of the company on the ABTA website. Before entering the complaints, you will need to provide the details of the complaint, the correspondence details and the booking confirmation number. Be sure of this, that the tour operator you will complain about, can view the entire complaint in full.

The High Security of ATOL
An ATOL protection is a must while making a holiday deal. Travel agents must provide an ATOL protection and certificate, giving information on how these holiday deals and bookings are secured. ATOL itself gives you a financial protection when you book a holiday deal.

Take Action ASAP
Holidays can go awry, even after spending a lot on booking the best package, flight and hotel. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with your flight, hotel room or the trip, immediately make a complaint to the hotel, to the airline or the tour operator. It happens that, small problems can be rectified in a snap and it can just take moments to pin-point something and the hotel and the hotel staff strive their best to resolve your issue, offering the best solution they can. Ultimately, no travel agent or company intends to give a poor customer service.

Have you Heard about Ombudsman?
Now what’s an Ombudsman? Well, this is a service who tackles and investigates consumer complaints. It is especially a public authority, that has recently been set up to deal with consumer issue such as flight delay, cancellations and airlines that are overbooked. This free-to-use service might face several issues while dealing with this innovative Ombudsman.

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