Flattering Online Reviews Unveiled

reviewsMillions of consumers spend billions on anything from electronics to travel after reading online reviews, which are either genuine or sugarcoated. The question is, can these reviews be trusted? Well, not always! If we make it more precise, can Crystal Travel Reviews be trusted?

Internet savvy customers and shoppers are frequently inclined towards well-known shopping brands, technology and sly marketing strategies, while shopping.

The worse thing is, some easily fall prey to the fake reviews and other false claims regarding financial protection. There are abundant ways in which companies demand attention and now these issues, reviews and companies are under the spotlight. We have a section known as Crystal Travel feedbacks, where a consumer expresses his/her suggestions, advise regarding their experience.

The Main Concern
The concern includes putting and creating fake reviews, which in turn results in positive feedbacks for the services, but in turn, these comments become negative for the rivals and review websites. Some websites are fighting back and they have introduced systems to filter and tackle reviews.

It is said that, ‘Look for trends across a number of reviewers to get the bigger and better picture, than depending on just one or two reviews. On the other hand, TripAdvisor says that, ‘it has zero-tolerance policy towards phony reviews and takes serious action on those who abuse the system.

Guy Anker, of the MoneySavingExpert says, Anyone who writes fake reviews must be condemned, as such reviews kill the enthusiasm and the trust in the whole review system and destroying the benefits of the internet. There are some reviews on our Crystal Travel Complaint section, which gives a vivid picture of how people feel about their dealings with us and our products.

It has also been estimated that there should be few guidelines for reviews to which online businesses should adhere to. Few companies have been investigated that have failed to reveal as to when an endorsement has been paid for. Reviews alone are estimated to activate billions in the hotel and travel sector.

The Marketing Stratagem
In this present age, the companies are competing to rise at the top level for web surfers. Most shoppers get stuck at one site or product and refuse to look further. ‘People can easily be fooled’, says Stephen Sykes when he was introduced in the glamorous world of online advertising.

It is true that the limelight of advertising, promotions, products and other things can be quite glamorous, sugar quoted and presented in a way, that the customer will surely be swayed into buy it at once. But before buying, he/she will definitely read a couple of reviews and decide, whether to go for the product or not. There will be some reviews that are self-created by the companies itself, then there are reviews that will over exaggerated, which will eventually look fake and there are reviews that are genuinely written for the goodwill of the company. Read our section on Crystal Travel feedback and visualize, furthermore, the mind of the reviewer as well as the mind set by the way it’s written.

Judge not, by the review itself
The present scenario is, you can read Crystal Travel review, but do not judge a travel product just by the reviews. You might be excited about booking a particular hotel, but the review might not offer a gratifying report just because a customer was unhappy.

Hence, whether you book a flight, a holiday, a hotel or any other travel product, just be sure to check other sources, talk to people, check the particular hotel, destination or the airline site to push away any negativity that rises from within and experience a blissful holiday.