Don’t be a Weird Passenger

There are good travelers and then there are bad travelers. Once in a great while, you’ll hear about true tourist crime. For the sake of saving you the embarrassment, possible criminal charges, and overall shame of messing up so incredibly badly, we’ve rounded up all of the things you want to steer clear of when you’re on vacation.

You’ll always want to take care of yourself in a place where you don’t know many things and people. So to keep yourself safe, know what you need to know and act accordingly. For starters, you must be aware of the most basic aspects of the country’s culture and this you can do by researching about it on the Internet. A basic example would be Indians treating cows as sacred. This means don’t ever ask the waiter if they have beef on their menu.

Don’t Fight  with Fellow Flyers
Some days back Passenger on BA flight ‘bitten by nutter at 40,000ft’ after stepping in to help crew members subdue a violent passenger, Avoid these kind of situations.crystal travel

Be At Your Provided Space Only
Everybody flying with you has payed the same amount of money as you did, So Take care of others Comfort too. For
example don’t be like the lady in this below Picture.

Dont Drink Too Much 
Just because its free Don’t bath with Mocktails, Respect the Crew and Members, Whatever you be outside represents you and millions of people of your Country and there Culture.

Don’t Take Selfies Frequently
Just becoz your phone is at airplane mode, don’t use it as Camera, And Leave your Selfie Sticks At home Only.

Don’t Off your Pants
There are Several Other ways to relax during travel, rather than travelling in Underwear like Shorts.

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