Do Online Travel Reviews Hide the Truth

Online Travel ReviewsThere was a time that very little could be said about a hotel on the other part of the globe. You could read the hotel’s promotional features, but there would only be praise reports and positive feedbacks. There would some truth that will be untold.

Nonetheless, with the dawn of online review websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Travel Review Centre and many more, it is now possible to read first-hand accounts and Crystal Travel reviews by people who themselves have experienced it.

According to a recent survey, along with personal recommendations, 90 percent of clients read reviews before booking as well as trust online reviews also. No doubt, reviews and feedbacks were the most important source of influencing travellers – with 69 percent of people believing them blindly.

However, although online reviews are a primary source of information, they do not tend to tell the complete story. There are a lot of restrictions, that is implied on the customer. Let’s take a peek at a few of the reasons, why reviews stand unreliable.

Exaggerated Comments
It’s a basic human tendency – when we share a story, we tend to exaggerate the details. A customer who experienced something bad, might feel that they were cheated and in a rage, he/she might share heated Crystal Travel feedback and make the matter quite worse.

The Full Story Might not be Told
When you are going through a negative Crystal Travel review of a customer, you are reading their side of the story. A person might land up in a hotel with his child and the hotel is unable to secure a cot for the child to sleep in. This might sound really frustrating, until and unless you hear the rest of the story tat the hotel was never informed that the guest would need an extra bed for his child.

Fake Reviews
If the 21st century technology is proving to be a boon to the world, it is also being abused by people who are paid to provide a positive review, either by the hotel team or the airline. It’s illegal to pay visitors and get something fake.

These are a handful reasons, why the online travel review might not reveal the full story. While reviews are extremely helpful while planning your trip, verify that you read them critically and believe these factors before making your conclusion.

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