Crystal Travel Reviews for Irresistible Asian Destinations for Vagabonds

Irresistible Asian Destinations for VagabondsA stunning patchwork of tropical views, age-old civilization and a continuous cultural movement has steadily allured backpackers into the enchanting Asian cities. Anybody trying to figure out the ravishing cities will face climbing limestone cliffs, pristine beaches, underwater activities, glimpse into the world of handicrafts and authentic cuisine too. So, let’s look at these stunning destinations of Asia.


Leaving Footprints on Thailand’s Railay Beach

Situated on the famous tropical coast of Railay peninsula, this amazing setting creates the most picturesque white-sand beaches, ornamented by emerald tides and interesting limestone cliffs. The peninsula is accessible by boat and the atmosphere is absolutely seductive.

No to forget, there are few beach bars and restaurants, where you can relish inexpensive food and drinks. The accommodation is extremely cheap too and you can easily reach the isolated Tonsai Bay Resort.

A Peek into the Buddhist Culture in Laos
A petite country, Laos offers an interwoven man-made beauty and a natural world that warms every heart. The city sits at the confluence of two mighty rivers, surrounded with lush rainforests and jagged hills. The town is dotted with glittering spires of wat Chom Si, gold-hued wats and sophisticated mosaics that display the life of Buddha. Each morning numerous monks are seen to be collecting alms. It’s a sight to behold.

Unwind in Bangkok
The Mecca of the East, Thailand is one place you would like to get lost and never be found. It’s a city for the rich and for budget travellers stepping off to other neighbouring cities. Whatever you wish to buy – CDs, DVDs, handicrafts, food and fruits, it’s all there.

During the evening time, indulge in a unique barbecued delicacies as well as join in the frivolities of the bars and clubs speckled in the city. If you are on a spiritual quest, you can merge into the peaceful environs of the various Buddhist temples and monasteries.

A Classic Hippy-Hangout in Goa
Unquestionably, it can’t be denied that Goa has a soul of its own. Since the 60s, when fun-loving hippies started to flock in, Goa and its beauty became an exotic backdrop for exploration that separated itself from the western civilization.

The hippy groups are still active in a large way making their own living and enjoying life to the full. The iconic beaches of Baga and Calangute make up for a stupendous holiday with classic resorts and an amazing horizon scenery.

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