Crystal Travel Reviews for Few Fabulous Days in Australia

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Just by looking at the map of Australia, you can scale how gigantic the continent is. The vast wilderness, sprinkled with several iconic districts, cities and structures makes this island continent one of the world’s iconic destinations to travel. First-time visitors as well as returning tourists can very well mix into the diverse culture, climate, cuisine and landscape.Our Crystal Travel Reviews Section is always filled with the things you can do there.

If you have few days in your hand, you might either wish to take in the coastal cities of Brisbane and Sydney, explore the wild and beautiful reefs and rainforests close to Cains or even meander into the nearby islands.

Let’s Begin in the Southern Hemisphere

So, Sydney is the first stop to explore the ancient colonists. What was established as a penal territory, rapidly transformed into an idyllic city for holidaymakers and one of the planet’s most iconic harbours.

The harbour now itself, bears an iconic landscape, which the world knows as the Sydney Opera House.

Discovering the city’s shoreline is another thrill. Go down towards the Manly Beach, that defines the sea and provides a unique platform for surfers. Juvenile visitors will enjoy the Sydney Sealife Aquarium and education on the marine life around the world.

Enjoy Partying in Gold Coast

From the Sydney City, find your way towards Australia’s East Coast, you will finally reach the Gold Coast. This city is extremely enlivening, with a fast-paced nightlife, towering skyscrapers, white-sand beaches and wild forests. Explore the Burleigh Heads, a secluded beach with warm waters and excessive surfing. A vast, secluded forest abides which can be explored in Springbrook National Park along with cascading waterfalls, huge trees, verdant forests and rare species of plant and animal life.

Get Immersed in the Natural Beauty of Fraser Island

The heavenly Fraser Island is just few miles towards Brisbane. This is a huge sand island and offers something more phenomenal. Those visiting this paradise, will experience a shoreline of soft sand beaches with creeks, clear lakes and rainforests rooted on the sandy floors.

Such beauty is enclosed with vivid cliffs, rising above the majestic Pacific.

The best thing is, the entire island is located in the Great Sandy National Park, and contains the unique Lake McKenzie, filled with pure water for several species. Point 3 miles down from the lake, you will come across Kingfisher Bay, houses the largest collection of accommodation.

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