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It has been said that the invention of aeroplanes and reviews about low cost air tickets have shown us the real picture of the earth. We can all admit it!

The process of finding and booking cheap flights online is frustrating, but equally magical. Frequent travellers find it an obsession, and feel happy about it when there are several possibilities.

The other depressing part about online booking is when you find out that the passenger sitting next to paid half the price or double while booking. Well, this is a good way of punishing the lazy but rewarding the wise, attentive and the curious.

Let’s learn a few secrets from Crystal Travel UK that will surely help you to bag cheap flights online. So give me your 10 minutes and you will definitely save tens and hundreds of dollars. You will get back your investments as long as you follow and apply these techniques.

Techniques to Find Cheap Flights Online

A comment went viral on Crystal Travel reviews, which said, ‘Why should I even care; the travel agent/company will guarantee the lowest price!’

This is indeed a very baffling concept in the flight booking industry that many are not aware about. Travel agents will never ever assure you of the lowest price – but the lowest price that is advertised. You might get confused between the two. Beware! they will only guarantee the lowest price that the airline allows them to propagate about.

The airlines will not be able to oversee the fares for those tickets that are sold out by the agents/agencies, so they monitor the fares of those that are allowed to be advertised. The travel agencies can diminish the price even lesser than the lowest price which is promoted. The basic rules to avail cheap flights are:

Flexible Search

Flexibility creates options and utilize your time to do some research. A continuous search will automatically decrease your costs. When you have no set plans, you will surely find the pearl in your hand. Check out some airline reviews from our site and know what people have to say about it.


Try to use main airports as ‘stitching points’. It may sound like – Bangkok and JFK, Frankfurt and London. You can use this wisely and find out where the main traffic airports are. This strategy works in international flights and local too. If you don’t have a clue, book with Crystal Travel, ATOL no: 3517.

I do it this way, whenever I reach the place of my final destination, I’ll often fly a cheaper local airline within that country. If you fly to Colombo in Sri Lanka, you’ll find dirt-cheap flight tickets to almost any place around. If you fly anywhere in US or Europe, you can do the same thing and save big.

One golden word – Never ignore or underestimate smaller airports. Many times you can find small airports with lower taxes and low budget airfares.

Round-trip/One-way Comparison

Don’t ask me why and how it takes place, but believe me, it does happen. Most times a round-trip to and from the same city will surely cost less than a one-way. It is quite common and an explanation does not exist to prove the same. With Crystal Travel Reviews you will surely gain some understanding and proof. Go for it!

I personally am happy about one-way tickets and the reviews about them, only because of the exemption they give, but if you reserve a round-trip, you can accumulate money even if you don’t use the return fare. Try this out to check and see if getting a return will decrease the overall cost. Check to see the mid-week days the next week for a return (Tuesday to Thursday), those seem to be the cheapest.

You might even end up using your personal appeal later to stimulate the airline representatives to alter your return date and actually use the return fare when you need it, or even modify the return departure location with a small cost. Might worth trying!


Try not to panic and perspire finding cheapest flights. Time is money for sure. If the time you spend is more priceless that your hard-earned money, then it’s quite sad. Do not spend much time for inter-continental trips. Just spend lot of time searching for cheap flights, and save little more money.

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