Are Airlines Avoiding their Responsibilities

Are Airlines avoiding their responsibilitiesDespite of several changes made by the Airlines, based on the Crystal Travel reviews, customers are still seeming to be facing problems in regard to the compensation for delays and cancelled flights.

According to the Crystal Travel feedback, last year the Civil Aviation Authority received around 20K cases from the passengers who had carried an argument with the airlines in relation to refusal of the money. To handle the increasing rate of complaints, the industry is now creating a new “Aviation Ombudsman”.

Keeping in mind about the compensation if a flight gets cancelled, the European Union mentions that the required airlines need to refund the tickets, which have not been used by the customers or another option should be given.

In case, if the flight gets delayed for more than three hours, then it’s the responsibility of the airline to also pay for the stay – if required and refreshments must be given until the next flight.

Considering the Crystal Travel Complaints, it seems like that the airlines are ignoring the rights by refusing to respond to delay claims or are finding reasons to run away from the problems – like blaming on the bad weather.

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